You should know for people who want to have a six-pack.

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People who have just started exercising to get a six-pack may have many questions. This article brings sample questions and answers for everyone to learn healthy as follows:

1. Number of abdominal muscles Each person is not equal.

The abdominal muscle that looks like a ball is called Rectus Absominis. Each person has a number abdominal muscles. This part is not equal. Most people tend to have 3 bands of this muscle (Fibrous Band). Each band having 2 rounded muscles that cross each other horizontally. When put together, we call it a six-pack UFABET

Meanwhile Some people even do heavy abdominal exercises. But found that 4 abdominal muscles. Or some people may have 4 bands of this muscle, making a six-pack of 8 as well. That may be caused by genetics that determines that these muscles are not the same. And this genetic difference cannot be fixed. But it is not an abnormality at all.

2. Not all skinny people have a six-pack.

Weight and measurements may not always be indicative of muscle definition. Because the abdominal muscles are hidden under the skin. Within our skin there will also be a layer of fat accumulated. Therefore, if you are of a slim or proportional weight and figure. But there is a lot of fat accumulated in the abdominal area. Those fats can obscure your six-pack.

3. Abdominal exercises alone will not help you get a six-pack.

Above, we have mention that building a six-pack or abdominal muscles depends on many factors. Heavy abdominal exercises alone will not make a six-pack visible. Because it requires other factors as well. Such as controlling calories, getting the right nutrients, reducing fat, or exercising other muscles, etc.