“Arteta” believes that Arsenal is creating something special

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Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta believes the club are trying to create something special for the long-term future.

The Red Bull coach led the army, “cannon” has done an excellent job this season. With them reigning supreme after collecting 21 points from their first eight games of the season

, Arteta is confident Arsenal are trying to build something up. Ready to admit that it’s an honor to work with my own team

“I’m not sure it will be like that. or is it possible But I want it to be,” he replied, when asked if this team could stick together and create great things in the coming years. The UFABET report

“Especially because of what they are as human beings What we are trying to do is deeper than professionalism and playing for the club. If we can do it and the results or other things give us an opportunity, I would like to do it.”

“I have said it many times. And everyone who works with them every day will say the same thing. Working with them is a privilege. It’s great to see their happiness and passion. You feel something real and unique. It’s great to be a part of it both as a player and as a manager.”