“Lloris” urged the chicken to excuse himself from the disappointment

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Hugo Lloris, goalkeeper, captain of the Tottenham Hotspur team, has urged his teammates To make excuses from the disappointment in the game against Arsenal to get the

“golden spur chicken” just invaded and defeated the “guns” with a score of 3-1 on Saturday past. which was their first defeat. On the Premier League games this season,

however, Lloris sees they must use their disappointment as a motivation to perform well. ahead of the Champions League game against Eintracht Frankfurt and the league game against Brighton next week.

“The taste of defeat is something we don’t want to taste again,” he said.

“Every defeat is painful. and if you want to continue to grow as a team We have to keep this feeling and change it. When you lose in a game You have to come back together as a whole team. And do a good job to change that feeling.” The UFABET report

“We have to keep focusing on keeping the game. Which is important for qualifying for the knockout stages of the Champions League. And then it will meet with Brighton.”

“We have to make the best excuses. Because the best answer for us is to win in the upcoming games. But we are the first to admit both as a player and as a manager That there are things that need to be improved and we are still trying to improve. Even if they do a good job.”

“This season is very long. It’s similar to a marathon. And when you face an opponent like Arsenal, it is important that you do not lose. If unable to overcome But unfortunately we can’t.”

“But we still have a lot of games ahead of us. It’s always disappointing for players. Of course, including the fans as well. Because these games mean a lot. But now we have to make excuses with dedication and concentration. And we have to do well together.”