Manchester United beat Chelsea 4-1 in the Premier League.

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Manchester United beat Chelsea 4-1 in the Premier League last night. Ready to successfully win tickets to play in the Champions League next season.

At Old Trafford, it’s a Premier League game. A residual match between the Red Devils and the home team. 

After 3 minutes, the visiting team missed a golden opportunity. Lewis Hall fell to the left before slicing in, but with Kaylo Mudric, the ball slipped out after unbelievable.

But in the 6th minute, Manchester United took a 1-0 lead from a free kick on the left, Christian Eriksen opened it into the head, Casemiro headed the ball over Kepa into the net, with VAR asking to check the offside rhythm, but in the end Confirm to the host door

In the 18th minute, the Red Devils missed the opportunity to lead away from the counterattack 3-1, Anthony touched and tickled before flowing for Anthony Martial to catch a long time and hit Cesar Azpilicueta. follow to extract UFABET

In the 25th minute, the home team encountered bad news, Anthony injured his ankle from a stroke against Treveh Chalobah until he could not continue playing and had to be carried off the field.

Come back and play on the way navy blue lion Almost equalized in the 32nd minute, Lewis Hall fell to the left again, this time crossing for Kai Havertz to strike openly, but dropped the first post.

At the end of the first half.

in the 45th minute, Chelsea were very likely to equalize. Enzo Fernandez stabbed into the hole for Conor Gallagher to shoot with the right, but it was not good. The ball went off the far post.

But in the 6th minute added time, United led 2-0, Casemiro brought Jadan Sancho into the penalty area on the right before cutting to the far post.

The second half went down in the minute, the score was likely to move more when Victor Lindelof took the ball from the center of the field, dragged the pendant and flowed for Jadan Sancho to touch back, Bruno Fernandes pressed with the right. The ball hit the triangle frame very hard.

In the next 52 minutes, it would be the home team’s chance. This time it was Marcus Rashford, the substitute for Tyrell Malacia, another substitute, inserted up to the left, cut into the ball by Anthony Mar. Kasiyal bounced off Christian Eriksen. But Kepa followed up and scooped the ball off the line just in time for the ball to bounce into Casemiro’s shot over the first post.

Fun exchange game, in the 58th minute, Lewis Hall dragged from the right, pressed with the left. The ball jumped to save David de Gea, brushed out, came out of the way. locality

Played until the 72nd minute, Bruno Fernandes touched through Wesley Fofana’s runaway leg before being poked into the ankle until he fell. The referee blows a penalty. The Portuguese midfielder made it 3-0 without missing a shot.

The score moved 4-0 in the 78th minute from a missed pass in the defensive line of the visiting team. Jadan Sancho flowed for Marcus Rashford to tap away from Wesley Fofana before shooting on Kepa. But the British spear follow repeatedly, don’t miss

At the end of the game.

in the 84th minute, there was almost another ball. Marcus Rashford, flowing for Alejandro Carnacho, the substitute, pressed with the right ricochet.

89 minutes, the Blue Lion Beat the egg from the performance of Joao Felix. Dragging a pendant from half the field before pressing with the right in front of the penalty area. Passing the ball through David de Gea’s hand into the net.

At the end of the game. Manchester United beat Chelsea 4-1 to win a ticket to play in next season’s Champions League.