Neville pointed out that ETH had to learn from the first half

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Manchester United legend Gary Neville says Erik ten Hag needed to learn from the first half when they were dealt with by Manchester City, and sees the three goals in the game as “just a little”. The consolation prize

“Red Devils” defeated “The Blues” with a score of 6-3 in the Premier League Manchester derby last night,

with Erling Haaland and Phil Foden each. Three goals in that game, while United came in with one from Anthony and two from Anthony Martial in the second half

, Neville deemed Ten Hag to learn. from the situation in the first half. Where they were defeated by rivals in the city

“It’s just a consolation prize, City changed four places, it made the game open more,” he told  UFABET

“United scored three goals and obviously did better in the second half. But the point from this game that he (Ten Hag) has to consider is the first half. Which his team was halted and managed to punch without a doubt.”

“They weren’t close at all in this game. United came in with one from Anthony and two from Anthony Martial. And that will be the point where he needs to analyze the most, scoring three goals here is just a consolation prize.”