“Ramsdale” receives a gun, hopes to win the championship

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Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale admits they hope for the title this season, but admits Manchester City are a formidable opponent

. The league at the moment, after collecting 21 points from the first eight games of the season

, the 24-year-old admits they are looking forward to the title. But he didn’t get carried away with the current situation. ready to comment “Blue Sails” is a formidable competitor.

“We are a young team. Everyone is on the pitch trying to enjoy themselves and win,” he said.

“Then let’s wait and see how we can go. This month, before the World Cup, we have to play in three competitions and we hope to win. Victory for all”

“Then we’ll see where it is before the break. Because in the end we want to win trophies. But we’ve only played eight games, anything can happen with a team like Manchester City, a few years ago they were 14th at Christmas. But it’s back to work like crazy. We just love the path we’re walking now. And look forward to moving forward.” The UFABET report

“We just play every game with a smile on our faces. and try to win When we win we celebrate, but if we don’t win we will reconsider and move on.”